From last couple of days I am behind understanding OPEN LDAP and struggled  to set it up in my Linux test environment. My experience in configuring most of the applications on Linux so far has been relatively easy but this one seemed to be a beast.

I wanted to run away from this beast and never look back agian, but thanks to my recent Interview that I attended when the recruiter asked me if I knew LDAP. Thank God ! it was telephonic Interview or else It would have been difficult to hide those blank expressions on my face.

Well, it is not necessary that everyone should know all the things in Linux but it would have been really nice to talk few lines and answer few Q’s about LDAP. 

so what prompted me to take on this beast is my Job hunt, while hunting for any job you always have to leave less chances to the recruiter to say “NO” to you, isn’t.  So I thought even if I can’t defeat the beast I have to face the beast and so the journey started.

Tomorrow I would share a wonderful link of this amazing person who made my life easy with his LDAP installation link. 100% credit goes to him. Along with the link I would try to explain some common mistakes that we make in the installation & config process and how to get over them.

TTFN. See you in next blog! Relief Relief I can now sleep peacefully for 2day !