This is the most common command that many of the sysadmins use day in day out;  “History” command. I am sure that so far i should have typed this command some 1000 odd times on the linux console.

So this is how I  got interested to know more about the “History” command.  One day one of my colleague’s came to me asked  do you know anyway if history command shows the time stamp of each entry. Well my Immediate answer was not sure but ..but.. I am sure there should be a way as the same question should have come to many sysadmin’s mind. So I called the “God father” of search engine “Google” for help and viola thanks to “Geek Stuff” I found what I was looking for. I don’t want to copy paste and take the credit of some guys work. So here is the link below which has really helped me. I am sure you would love it too.