It’s Thursday of Feb2012  and finally after 3 years and my lazzie approach to procrastinate things I have decided that from today onwards I would share at least one new topic, a new command or something that I have missed learning in my last few years and learning it now.. mm .. say 9 years. Well the reason is not that I was running away from learning   but I kept on saying to myself,  yes I would share it and haven’t done it so far. I would also try to share my technical and non technical experience and few points that u might want to ponder.

It’s quite possible that the topics, commands that I will be sharing in the days to come is already there in the net some where but I am posting it here incase my page would be of any help to you guys and save your time and effort.

The first and foremost thing that I would like to say to all my friends who happen to see my blog is ” Pls Share …” knowledge grows with sharing . Helping someone might take your time but the time you spent is for sure not a waste of time. It helps you to learn more and try to understand things at more depth and in a different way.

So its 11:16 PM today and finally i broke the chain of laziness. Hope to keep this blog rolling. But please do leave a comment or link my blog if that might help some more ppl to share thier knowledge to us.

Time for ZZZ ..zz but will try to share my experience as often as possible in the days to come.